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How to create a historically accurate season?

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How to update GPL?

This document briefly explains how to update Grand Prix Legends to the current standards. It is my choice of updates that I consider the best for me. Take it just as a guide, I also provide links to alternatives where I am aware of. Go to the links section to explore the world of GPL sites, you will hopefully find the updates you like the most.

Preliminary version!!! To be updated....


  1. Install the GPL 2004 demo that can be downloaded from BH Motorsports.

  2. Add *.dat files for the 10 remaining original tracks (all except Watkins Glen that is contained in the demo) from GPL original CD.

  3. Update the 10 original tracks using the Fred Faster's site as a guide. Alternatively, you will find many track updates at the GPL Today, Legends Of '67 site, Rick's Garage and links therein, Jackseller's site, Modif's site, Steve Life's site and many others. You can find the comparison of different graphics mods for tracks here.

  4. Update corner workers from this RSC thread.

  5. Update skid marks from Van Gossum's site

  6. Use the GPL Flagman utility to move the pitboard man to a spot you want.


There are several utilities that can modify the original game in a way that is not realistic and not intended by the original creators of the game but can help you to make the sim more 'driving friendly'.

  1. Digital Display modifier patches the gpl.exe to display speed, rpm, gear, oil and fuel pressures etc. in digital form under the driving view.

  2. Pribluda utility displays patch temperatures, split times and other drivers' info when driving.


Papyrus could not use the real names of the Cooper and Honda teams and names of some of the significant drivers of the period due to licensing problems. It is possible to get them to the game. See David Wright's site for detailed description. I give links to appropriate files in the installation notes to my 1965-1969 season mods.


Season switching

If you want to use several different seasons in one installation of GPL, you will need to switch between them. For that purpose, the Shutaro's GPLCSC3 tool is a good choice. If you want to use it, you will have to arrange the addons for different seasons in a special way. For each season, you will create its own carset directory under ..\cars\.., e.g. ..\cars\cars66 for the 1966 season. I recommend to use six character names as this would make your carset directories compatible also with the GEM+ tool that comes together with the 65 mod. The layout files then should be placed in a \layout_cars66 directory, sounds to \sounds_cars66 and the gp.ini file appropriate for the '66 season should be named \seasons\gp_cars66.ini. I use different gpl.exe files for each season as it contains the team names. First update gpl.exe with all the patches you want to use (Digital Display modifier, Pribluda, etc.) and then apply the team names patches for each season using Nigel Pattinson's GPL Season utility and season *.gps contained in my season mods. Each exe can then be called separately from the GPLCSC3 tool.

GPLCSC3 tool is no longer developed. I suppose I will replace it with GEM+ in the future once it gets more general.

NEW: As of spring 2005, a new version of GEM+ has been released that makes it possible to switch seasons. I will include the description of steps needed to make a suitable setup of the seasons when sufficiently tested...

Tweaking and analysis

There is a number of excellent tools that sould help you to tweak the settings of the game, of your car and improve your driving abilities. As a basis, you will probably need:

There are of course many more tools. Follow the links.