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The original Papyrus creation contained the 1967 Formula 1 season. It was not represented precisely as the publisher, Sierra, could not get the license to use the names of the Honda and Cooper team and some of the best drivers of the period. they also decided to use the Rouen track for the French GP instead of Le Mans Bugatti which was a wise decision from the point of view of playability and atmosphere.

Over the years, the GPL fan community created a lot of mods, patches and enhancements to the game. It is now possible to correct the omissions for the 1967 season and to extend the game over the whole 1965-1969 period. Not everything is perfect yet. Aside from 1967, the 1965 is covered best thanks to the outstanding 65 Mod that some even tend to call GPL2. The whole new physics model has been developed and sound, layout and carset files are all available, including a solid representation of the driver field. Many details, add-ons and information about the '67 and '65 seasons creations for GPL can be found at David Wright's site Legends of 65 and 67. There is very little I am not satisfied with in the David Wrigth's  driver.ini files but still I decided to develop my own.

The main reason is that I wanted to use a uniform approach to the whole 1965-1969 period, an approach based on data I have available, so that I can tune the driver.ini files to my satisfaction. It also enabled me to create a series of seasons that you can understand as difficulty levels in GPL. The 65 Mod is easier to drive for the beginners than the original game, so it is now the natural place where to start. The 66-69 seasons use the physics of the original game (though rumors are that the 69 physics mod is under way) but using my driver.ini files the AI field is getting faster and faster each year as it indeed did in reality. 1966 was the first year of the 3-liter formula 1 and teams used mostly quickly rebuilt cars or altogether 1.5-litre old cars of the 1965 season. In the next year the phenomenal Cosworth DFV engine has been introduced in Lotus 49 with other cars also improved and times got faster. In 1968 and 1969 aerodynamics downforce usage has been introduced together with many other technical improvements which made the cars faster each season. You can, e.g., compare the fastest lap times achieved at the tracks where the Formula 1 GP took place each year from 1965-1969:

GP Track 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969
Monaco Monte Carlo G.Hill 1m 32.500s J.Clark 1m 29.900s J.Brabham 1m 27.600s G.Hill 1m 28.200s J.Stewart 1m 24.600s
Holland Zandvoort G.Hill 1m 30.700s J.Brabham 1m 28.100s G.Hill 1m 24.600s C.Amon 1m 23.540s J.Rindt 1m 20.850s
Germany NŘrburgring J.Clark 8m 22.700s J.Clark 8m 16.500s J.Clark 8m 04.100s J.Ickx 9m 04.000s J.Ickx 7m 42.100s
Italy Monza J.Clark 1m 35.900s M.Parkes 1m 31.300s J.Clark 1m 28.500s J.Surtees 1m 26.070s J.Rindt 1m 25.480s
USA Watkins Glen G.Hill 1m 11.250s J.Brabham 1m 08.420s G.Hill 1m 05.480s M.Andretti 1m 04.200s J.Rindt 1m 03.620s
Mexico Hermanos Rodriguez J.Clark 1m 56.170s J.Surtees 1m 53.180s J.Clark 1m 47.560s J.Siffert 1m 45.220s J.Brabham 1m 42.900s

We can see how much faster the races became those years. Compare those times to what can be achieved in GPL. The table below contains the GPL rank values (the community benchmark) for the original game and the 65 mod and current GPL record times (as of July 2004) on the same tracks as above:

GP Track GPL rank 65 GPL rank GPL record
Monaco Monte Carlo 1m 29.638 1m 29.325 1m 22.970
Holland Zandvoort 1m 29.010 1m 26.847 1m 21.857
Germany NŘrburgring 8m 27.564 8m 21.930 7m 44.544
Italy Monza 1m 37.522 1m 30.201 1m 26.144
USA Watkins Glen 1m 09.587 1m 06.912 1m 02.979
Mexico Hermanos Rodriguez 1m 53.221 1m 50.477 1m 43.310

You can see that the real hot laps of the '65 season oscillate around the GPL rank 65. The GPL rank values are quite close to the '66 season results while seasons '67-'69 were generally faster. The record times achieved by the best GPL drivers, however, are still better than the real '69 hot laps. This creates a good space for my intentions: to design the seasons as difficulty levels, with '65 being the easiest due to easier physics model and '66 to '69 being gradually more and more difficult due to AI's being faster. A comparison is given in the following table.

GPL Seasons mod 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969
Relative speed compared to the unmodded GPL 101,5% 97,1% 99,7% 101,7% 105,0%

Go to the individual seasons for more details, installation notes and files to download.

My season files are intended for offline racing. I have no idea what might happen when you use them online and if that is at all possible.

WARNING!!! All my season files should be considered as beta, the main reason is that I am still a GPL newbie. I have tested them but there might be (and probably are) imperfections, omissions and errors. I'd be glad if you are willing to test them. Let me know about the glitches, please.