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How to create a historically accurate season?

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Season 1967

The 1967 season is based, what a surprise, on the original game. In the installation notes you will find guidelines how to update the graphics and sounds. Even the 'reality mod' has already been designed by David Wright. I have just did somewhat different changes and used the formulas I use for all the other seasons.

'67 Season Installation Notes

You really have a lot of possibilities here as the number of graphics mods developed over the years is enormous.

  • As for the carset, your should first head to GPLEA site where you can find updates to all of the cars of the '67 season and in fact, many other carset mods are based on GPLEA creations. A detailed guide to car updates is maintained by Fred Faster. Select updates you like the most and install them.

  • The layout files were modded to include Honda and Cooper times and correct team badges - again I recommend Fred Faster's site as a guide.

  • As for sound files, you have again, many choices. Try Fred Faster's site, GPLEA, Van Gossum Pits, or the Sound Garage.

  • Download the Le Mans Circuit Bugatti by Roland Ehnström and Greger Huttu and install it. It replaces Rouen for th eFrench GP.

My modifications for the 1967 season

My modifications to the 1966 season are based on the general guidelines described here. All the calculation are contained in an MS Excel spreadsheet (download zip - sorry, it's a Czech version of MS Excel, I am not sure if it would work in your language version) that you can open in a separate window.

The comparison of the speed of the drivers in my driver.ini file is given in the following graph:

The next plot compares the reliability of the drivers:

You can download my '67 season mod as a zip file that contains:

  • driver.ini

  • gpl_ai.ini - failure rate set to long races by default

  • \seasons\gp.real67_ini - named to work with carset changer utility

  • \tracks\...\track.ini - corrected to work with npt_override settings in gpl_ai.ini

  • Season67.gps - contains team names and driver information (for patching with Nigel Pattinson's GPLseason)

I would be grateful if you can test my mod and let me know the season's results.