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How to create a historically accurate season?

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Season 1966

Currently there is no particular physics mod for the 1966 season. You can, however, download a '66 carset, layout files, sounds and additional tracks. My mod then adds drivers' speed that corresponds to the real 1966 season. Note that it is slower than the original GPL (by about 3% on average).

'66 Season Installation Notes

You need to download and install the following:

  • Download the '66 carset, layout and sound files composed by Irridux from this thread at the RSC forums (you need all files from posts #3 to #13) and browse the thread for further possible add-ons and fixes.

  • Download the Brands Hatch 1967 track from the GPL Track database and install it.

My modifications for the 1966 season

My modifications to the 1966 season are based on the general guidelines described here. All the calculation are contained in an MS Excel spreadsheet (download zip - sorry, it's a Czech version of MS Excel, I am not sure if it would work in your language version) that you can open in a separate window.

The comparison of the speed of the drivers in my driver.ini file is given in the following graph:

The next plot compares the reliability of the drivers:

You can download my '66 season mod as a zip file that contains:

  • driver_cars66.ini

  • gpl_ai.ini - failure rate set to long races by default

  • \seasons\gp_cars66.ini - named to work with carset changer utility

  • Season66.gps - contains team names and driver information (for patching with Nigel Pattinson's GPLseason)

I would be grateful if you can test my mod and let me know the season's results.