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Season 1965

Everything needed to build the '65 season for the GPL can be within the 65 Mod. A lot of information about the mod and about the real 1965 season and further add-ons can be found at the Legends of '65 site.

65 Mod Installation Notes

You basically have two possibilities. You can either use the mod as a whole and switch between the 65 and 67 seasons using the GEM+ utility supplied with the 65 Mod. This is the best approach if you do not intend to use other than '65 and '67 seasons. GEM+ is not, however, capable of selecting the layout and sound files for other than the '65 and '67 seasons at present (but a more general version is probably underway). Another possibility is to install the 65 mod in a separately installed 'clean 67' GPL (without other season mods but with all the patches to the gpl.exe you want to use), run GEM+ in that installation, set apppropriate, options in GEM+ to and then copy the relevant parts to your 'standard' GPL folder. You would need to do the following:

  • Perform separate installation of GPL and update it, e.g., according to the instructions given in the Basic Updates section of this site.

  • Download the 65 Mod (preferably use the FULL GEM+2/iGOR package). Install the 65 Mod into your new install. The 65 Mod installation files will be placed to a directory on your hard drive (\Program Files\GPLSecrets  by default).

  • Run GEM+, point it to your newly installed gpl.exe and select the full65 carset (provided you have installed this carset), and exit GEM+. Agree with modifications to the *.exe. Leave the carset selection at cars67 if you intend to use Shutaro's carset changer (recommended).

  • Rename the newly created gplc65.exe to gpl65full.exe.

  • Run GEM+ again, select the lite65 carset this time (provided you have installed this carset) and exit allowing changes again. Leave the carset selection at cars67 if you intend to use Shutaro's carset changer  (recommended).

  • Rename the newly created gplc65.exe to gpl65lite.exe.

This presumes that you will use only Formula 1 Grand Prix cars and not the FD or FG combinations also enabled within the 65 Mod (you would need to copy different *.exe files for that). Now copy the following files from your new install to your standard install:

  • From the root directory:

    • gpl65lite.exe

    • gpl65full.exe

    • hcc65.pbf

    • driv65.ini and gpla65.ini if you do not intend to use my files

  • The carset directories:

    • \cars\full65

    • \cars\lite65

Then go to the install directory of the 65 Mod and copy:

  • Everything from the \GPLSecrets\GEM+\Resources\Sound directory to your \sound directory

  • Everything from the \GPLSecrets\GEM+\Resources\Menus directory to your \layout directory

  • Everything from the \GPLSecrets\GEM+\Resources\DriverPictures directory to your \layout directory

This is sufficient if you do not intend to use the '65 Mod online. Otherwise you would have to do also the following (also be sure to visit iGOR online documentation):

  • Copy the \GPLSecrets\iGOR directory to your GPL root directory

  • Copy everything from the \GPLSecrets\GEM+\Resources\GPLMods directory to a newly created directory called \Mods in your GPL root directory

I do not race online, so do not take that for granted.

Now you can use the gpl65lite.exe or gpl65full.exe to launch the GPL 65 Mod using the respective carset. If you did not set the carsets in GEM+ previously, you need to change the carset using the Shutaro's carset changer first.

Warning: Never run GEM+ pointing it to your GPL directory unless you know precisely what you do!

Additional tracks

In 1965, two GPs were held at other than the GPL default tracks:

  • South-African GP at East London

  • French GP at Clermont-Ferrand

Both of them are available for GPL. Download the East London 1967 track (created by Jonathan Merry) from the GPL Track database and install it. Download the Clermont-Ferrand track from GPLEA and install it. There is a little error in the Clermont-Ferrand track.ini file. Its corrected version is included in my 65 season mod.

My modifications for the 1965 season

My modifications to the 1965 season are based on the general guidelines described here. All the calculation are contained in an MS Excel spreadsheet (download zip - sorry, it's a Czech version of MS Excel, I am not sure if it would work in your language version) that you can open in a separate window.

The comparison of the speed of the drivers in my driver.ini file is given in the following graph:

The next plot compares the reliability of the drivers:

You can download my 65 season mod as a zip file that contains:

  • driv65.ini

  • gpla65.ini

  • \seasons\gp_cars65lite.ini - named to work with carset changer utility

  • \seasons\gp_cars65full.ini - named to work with carset changer utility

  • \tracks\clermont\track.ini - correct an error in the original file

I would be grateful if you can test my mod and let me know the season's results.