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Welcome to GPL Seasons

Welcome to the web pages devoted to a computer simulation game Grand Prix Legends which represents, I believe, the greatest racing simulation ever written, despite the fact that it was published in 1998 - a time that feels like a Stone Age in computer games' history.

What is it, that makes this game so good, so resistant to the flow of time and still popular with the community ever growing even today, six years after being introduced to the market? First, it is its excellent concept, luckily chosen history period and unbelievably precisely communicated feel of driving a 60's formula one racing car. Second, it is the level of detail dedicated to many aspects of the software, carefully designed interface and fancy graphics. One feels that the game was produced with passion and love, the programmers and artists did much more than a daily job and the result is a game that is fun to launch everyday for months and years, Third, the game was designed so that it is widely modifiable and enhanceable. And that is what makes the game still alive, as a big community of fans created a lot of enhancements and mods to the game so that it is on an up-to-date graphics level and with enlarged functionality. Even a new physics model has been developed within the 1965 mod. What we, players, have in our hands today, is a racing simulation that spans over 1965 to 1969 formula 1 seasons including tracks, carsets, sounds and game layouts, all in a quality that enhances the original look to current standards. Hundreds of other tracks have been created, carsets exist also for formula 2 and formula 3 races, many useful utilities have been developed. And there is still more to come...

The purpose of these pages is to provide an outline (necessarily one out of many) of how to update the original game to the state developed by the community to date and to give links to appropriate sites where one can find components needed for the updates. The main contribution should be, however, the series of modified driver.ini files to simulate the real 1965-1969 seasons.

Very little of what is presented at this site was created by myself. I try to quote the original authors wherever I can and I will be grateful for noting me about the omissions - I am sure there must be many. Apologies to those I could not find or forgot to quote...

Last updated on 13-IX-2004.

Ondřej Haderka aka Kuratko, Olomouc, Czech Republic